Arthur Anderson was commissioned to analyze the current structure of the Senate and determined it can be reduced by half. Dunncan said, “Basically every state has two Senators and the same representation can be provided by one Senator.” Total savings include Senator’s Official Personnel and Office Expense Account of $3,206,825 (an average) and a salary of $171,315 which totals to savings of nearly $84 million per year ($3,378,140 * 25).

The most exciting savings will come from the House of Representatives where it was determined that the workforce could be reduced by two-thirds from 435 to 145 Representatives. Total savings include Members’ representational allowance of $1,446,009 and a salary of $172,500 which is a savings of 469 million per year ($1,618,009 * 290).

Some may wonder how the Senate  and House of Representatives workforce can be reduced without changing the constitution. Thomas said “For the Senate It really depends upon how you interpret the Constitution, every State is entitled to two Senators, that doesn’t mean that you have to fill them.”

Things are easier for the House of Representatives where the apportionment act can be used to by the House to reduce their membership. We think this is a no brainer for the current Republican majority who see the wisdom and savings in reducing their numbers.

The initial downsizing is where the difficult decisions will need to be made. Dunncan stated that Anderson has come up with a formula using total corporate donations, lobbyist contributions and laws passed that are pro-business to determine which Congressional members will be eliminated.

Anderson received 553 million in consulting fees for the analysis and reduction formula. They stand to earn an additional 553 million once the changes are implemented. When asked to justify these payments Wade stated “revenue generated in this transaction is equal to a two year ROI which is an excellent value for the money spent.”

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