The U.S. government has over 8,100 Public Buildings Service leases and 1,500 government owned buildings. With all the recent rightsizing activities much of this space is now available. Rather than the wholesale selling of these properties, they will be rented to corporations and lobbyists that do business with the government.

An exciting development with the reduction of the Senate and House of Representatives is that they will now both use the House of Representatives chambers. This leaves the Senate chambers available for rent. Local Universities Georgetown and George Washington have both expressed interest in holding classes in the chambers. Di Giorno exclaims “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to attend classes in an environment steeped in our country’s history.”

Many citizens are satisfied by the turn around in the government. Publik stated “Rather than cost us money they are finally figuring out how to be a profit center where they can pay for themselves rather than a burden to us taxpayers.”

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