Many corporations help members in their community with donations and other good works. We call this “Being good corporate citizens”. It is finally time for us to be counted as citizens.

With Mitt Romney as president we believe we can finally be counted as citizens. All it will take is an executive order declaring that corporations will be counted as citizens in the state they are incorporated in.

This would apply to both domestic and foreign corporations. Some may wonder why this would be extended to foreign corporations and the answer is rather simple. They have invested in this country employing our citizens and their opinions should be heard.

How would a corporation’s ‘vote’ be counted. We think┬áthat one vote per corporation would be fair.

How would a corporation determine how they should vote on an issue. Corporations make many decisions daily directed by the companies CEO and their policies. Therefore the corporate vote decision will be given to the CEO.

Some may think that Delaware and Nevada will have an unfair advantage due to the number corporations incorporated in those states due to laws that are favorable to corporations. This will cause a win-win situation where other states will realize they have to change their laws to attract more corporations to their states to increase their citizenship.

Ultimately an amendment to the constitution would make this change permanent. We feel that once the executive order has been put in place, there should be enough corporate citizens to call for a Constitutional Convention where the amendment can be ratified.